"Sophia is a versatile and adventurous actress with an uncanny knack for understanding the mind and vision of a film as defined by the director.

As a result, Sophia delivers those rare performances where you see the heart of a story expressed so perfectly through the characters she plays."

- Brian Hardy, Producer, DeadlyDymes Media


"Sophia is an extremely talented actress. She took my direction well, from literal blocking to more subtle emotional cues, and was collaborative in sharing her ideas to add to the character. I greatly enjoyed seeing her bring the character of Honey to life both on set and on screen."

- Julia Myers, Producer/Director, "Touch of Love"


"...My wife knew Sophia had some experience performing and thought she might do a good job for my show [Crossroads Cafe series].

Well, that was an understatement.  Even though Sophia was still a young college student at the time, she performed like a pro. I actually ended up

using her talents to fill all three roles; as an on camera show host, field reporter and interviewer ... she showed remarkable poise,

was very natural on camera, was able to quickly establish a rapport with her interview subjects, and was a one-take wonder

on the vast majority of her stand-up shoots. She was a pleasure to work with from a personal stand point. I look back with pride

at that show and what we were able to accomplish ... Sophia was a huge reason for the success of the project."

Michael Brown, Producer/Director, Montgomery College Television, "Crossroads Cafe"


"Sophia has shown a remarkable flexibility as an actor. Originally cast in a minor role, when another actor wasn't available, at the last minute

we put our faith in Sophia to play the lead antagonist... including an impromptu stunt, and she came through with flying colors on just an hour's notice.

I have been on a number of sets with her, and her professionalism adds a calmness to an otherwise strident work day."

Steve Ray, Director/Actor, The 48 Hour Film Project


"Sophia Reaves acts from the soul! Her commitment to achieving character authenticity makes her irresistible on screen. Always present,

always courageous, always humble makes her a force to be reckoned with in the industry!"

- E'Tona Ford, Script Supervisor/Production Assistant, "Eden (Book 1: Rise)"


"One of the things I look at as a writer and producer, is not only how well an actor can portray the words in my script, but how well they

portray the silences. In "Touch of Love," Sophia captured the silences with an intensity and intimacy that elevated the production."

Day Al-Mohammad, Writer, "Touch of Love"


"If acting was like basketball, Sophia would be the point guard that makes the players around her better on and off the court."

Cisco Davis Jr, Writer/Filmmaker, "Friends of High Places," "Zordon of Eltar," "Teenagers With Attitude"


"Sophia has shown excellence in her work from the audition room all the way to production. Not only did we all enjoy her on set,

but I'd work with her again without hesitation."

Anthony Hackett - Filmmaker/Actor, "Just a Prayer Away"


"Sophia represents everything an actor should have: talent, punctuality, charisma, and depth ... She doesn't protect herself or her ego,

and she is a great experimenter. She is one of the most relaxed, natural of actresses since Ellen Barkin."

Charles Lee, Actor, "DC Yuppies"

"Such a dynamic actress with a very humble spirit. Such an honor and pleasure to work with."

- Rick Palmer Jr, Actor, "House of Cards," "Never Say I Do"


"[Sophia is] extremely talented and a very giving actor to play opposite of. [She] had a very difficult role to fill and made it look so easy."

- Andrew Mason, Actor, "Touch of Love"


"...[Sophia's] intellectual curiosity as an actress makes working with her a memorable experience - she won't hesitate to push the button

and go for it full throttle, and she's willing to do as many takes required to get it right..."

Chris Kim, Actor, "Eden (Book 1: Rise)"


"Sophia Reaves brings the highest quality and professionalism to any set. She is a pleasure to work with and an amazing person on and off camera."

Lyon Beckwith, Actor, "Friends in High Places"


"...when working with [Sophia] she'll help pull me into the character and bring about a better portrayal of the scene.

She can laugh between scenesyet lock on before rolling, its great!"

Alexander Aybar, Actor, "Never Say I Do"


"Working with Sophia Reaves will always be memorable to me, not only because she's an amazing and beautiful talent,

but her professionalism and magnetic personality is something that is hard not to gravitate to."

CJ Williams, Actor, "Pivot Point"